Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Welcome to Evolution, my small side collection consisting of only sites associated with Pokemon. I wanted to keep making shrines, but I really didn't want too many taking up the main collective. Also, I believe they deserve their own personal site, and that is how Evolution was born. Evolution is a simple site that keeps on growing hense the name!

Listed at Legendary. Updated on September 16, 2017


The heart of the site! All the Pokemon and characters that I love and adore are listed here. Some are shrines that I have completed. While others are just starting to be completed. Even some of the sites are fanlistings for people to join. Take the time and check each site out.

The Trainer

My name is Amber, but I am also known as Medli. Pokemon wasn't a series that I followed at first. I kind of go through a phase with the series. However, I know for sure that my favorite Regions/Generations are Johto and Kalos. My favorite type of Pokemon is the dragon-type. I consider myself to be an Ace Trainer (Cool Trainer). To me, they are the most kept up trainers of them all. My favorite Gym Leader is Clair, of course. When I collect my Pokemon, I have to admit, I usually go for the cutest Pokemon and try to get all females.

My top favorite Pokemon are Dratini, Eevee, Shinx, Latias, Slowpoke, Liepard, Cyndaquil, Mareep, Gardevoir, Absol, Lucario, Helioptile, and many more. There are probably too many for me to list, but for now that it was I like at the moment.

I am currently playing Pokemon X. I still haven't beaten any of the Pokemon Games due to the fact that I get in too much of a hurry on leveling my Pokemon. I also watch the anime, too. That one is hard for me to determine where I am at for I watch it at one time and then stop at another. My interests always change.

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Credits where they belong

Evolution has many layouts, but there is never a name or version for them. I just make them when inspiration hits. For this layout, the image of Sylveon was from Bulbapedia while the texture was created by me at ColourLovers. The layout was created in Adobe PhotoShop CC and coded in Notepad.