I fell in love with Dratini the first time I saw it on the Pokemon anime series. However, it wasn't the main reason. I started to adore the trainer of Dratini. Clair was a strong gym leader, and the hardest one in Johto. She had the calm exterier that made her seem a lot older in age. I glad to associate Dratini with her and to know that was her pokemon.

Another reason I love Dratini is by what type of Pokemon it is. I love dragons. Well, actually, I love anything fantasy: unicorns, fairies, dragons, etc. Having a Pokemon associated with fantasy is already going to be a top favorite. I also love Dratini for how rare of a Pokemon it is. Capturing a Dratini is not an easy task. My sister was kind enough to give me one of her Dratinis she caught or I would have never found one.