Shinx character and name is an interesting combination, and for me I would have never connected with one of my favorite historical time periods. Its name comes from many combinations. At first, the idea of Shinx name is belong to Shinx actually looks like. Shinx's form is recgonize as either a lion club or a lynx cub. That is where part of its name might have came from. As the other part, Shinx's name may have come from the Egyptian Sphinx, which is a statue that has the head of a man, and a body of a lion. The name, though, is any combination of shock, shine, shining and lynx or sphinx as it resembles both in character form.

I have to admit. When I first saw Shinx, I thought it to be a cute Pokemon. I grew to like it as I played the game more and saw it in the Anime. However, learning about orgins of its name possibly might have some relation with Egypt then I know why Shinx became a favorite. Egypt is my favorite historic time period, and anything associated with it will be ranked number one in my books.