I have to admit that I never thought about making a shrine dedicated to a Pokemon. I thought if I started with one then I would have to continue with others. However, after reading other shrines and playing a game called Minecraft where I was able to use a mod with Pokemon, I gave into the thought of creating a shrine. I know for sure that I knew which Pokemon I wanted. Well, almost. There is another Pokemon, but this shrine is not about that one. It is about Shinx. I have to admit, I am surprised about learning the origins of its name. I would have never associated the name with Egypt. However, after reading information about it, the name is sometimes associated with the Egyptian Sphinx. Egypt is my favorite historical part of the world. I love learning anything about Egypt, so to know that a Pokemon's name might be associated with Egypt, of course I was going to fall in love with it. However, I didn't just fall in love with it because of the name.

Shinx is an adorable little Pokemon with the most adorable little "mew" that I have ever heard. The round ears and the little face just make me love it even more. I knew I had to make a shrine dedicated to this little guy. He is just too cute!