This site was created for my love of a flashy pokemon. At first, I thought I would never would make a Pokemon shrine, but something came over me one day. It was probably due to the fact that I have been playing Minecraft with a mod that allows Pokemon. I have always love Shinx, though. I used this Pokemon for my domain. It is Pokemon that has always made me smile. All good sites have to have a closing page, right? Well, this is one. Credits, links, buttons, and affilates are all here. Take a look at some of my affiliates who have shrines much better than me, or if you would like to affiliate, contact me.

The name Flash was chosen by exactly what type of Pokemon Shinx is. Shinx is a flash pokemon, so the name was simple enough. Flash was created in Adobe Photoshop and coded in Notepad. Images were found across Google, Bulbapedia, and Serebii.


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