Why hello there!

LiepardWelcome to Beautifully Ruthless the double approved fanlisting for Liepard (Lepardas) from the anime series Pokemon, which I happily adopted from Destinie.

This Pokemon was first introduced in Generation V. Liepard is cosidered the Cruel Pokemon and is well-known for its beauty. Liepard uses the element of surprise when battling opponents, attacking before they can react. If you are fan of this surprising Pokemon, consider joining the list of other fellow members.

Being a fan of leapards, I was right away drawn to this Pokemon. The first layout features a png image from Bulbapedia. The other resources came from cloaks@deviantart. The fonts currently used are Overlock and Playfair Display which were both from Google Fonts. There is no name for this layout, either.

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